Advanced Content Management

Omnymart’s Advanced Content Management module brings feature rich CMS capabilities to your marketplace platform with articles, topics, blog-posts, tree-based categorisation, checklists and content personalisation.


Content Marketing is one of the most important drivers of customer acquisition and retention. With Omnymart’s Advance Content Management module, marketplace owners can create blogs, topic and article sections with multi-level navigation and even associate products or categories with content driving deeper engagement and conversion.


Create personalised content based on defined customer segments and create more targeted content for your customers.

Suitable for

All marketplaces that require content marketing and rich content management

Content personalisation based on specific target audience segments

Marketplaces that offer education content such as Checklists and cross-category articles

Landing pages, Marketing blogs and other content templates


Power your marketplace’s content marketing

For Marketplace Operators

Create personalised experiences for your customers by creating user types and assign them to articles for content personalisation management

Assign vendors, service providers and tools & templates to articles

Create article categories and manage them using a tree structure

Create checklists for customers by adding checklist items and assigning articles to each item

Allow customers to upload documents for each checklist item, so that vendors can provide services based on the uploaded documents

View and download documents uploaded by customers for each checklist

Create beautiful topic pages that contain links to articles for each category and segment

Content search, enables customers to search by topic or articles

For Vendors

Vendors can be associated with content articles - ideal for cross-promotion and content marketing

Vendors can gain access to checklist documents uploaded by customers, if they book appointments with the Vendor and share their documents

View and download shared files

For Customers

View articles by categories and by user types

Search articles by keywords

View latest updated and most popular articles

View tools and download templates

Manage checklists by tracking the checklist completion progress, marking the checklist articles as completed and uploading documents for each checklist item

Bookmark the articles and add manage bookmarked articles in the personalised reading list

Request a quote - professional

Powerful quote management module to drive negotiated purchases between vendors and customers

Recurring purchases and subscriptions

Create subscription products and services that can be re-ordered at regular intervals