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Marketplace commerce is one of the fastest growing and scalable forms of eCommerce today, become a consulting partner with Omnyfy and bring best-in-class enablement technology to your clients today.


The Omnyfy Partner Program is suited to consultants, digital agencies and expert technology services organisations with experience in delivering comprehensive eCommerce solutions to businesses, from Startups and SMS’s through to major enterprises.

Why Become an Omnyfy Partner?

Omnyfy powers some of the world’s most complex marketplace platforms across retail, wholesale, healthcare, services, procurement and physical marketplaces. Our technology helps organisations create and launch multi-vendor marketplace solutions that drive growth and revenue.

As a Consulting or Technology Partner, you gain access to Omnyfy’s solution consultants and brainstrust, enabling your organisation to develop strategic, targeted and sophisticated solutions that drive growth for your client businesses using multi-vendor marketplaces.

How it Works


Your client or your consultants have identified an opportunity to leverage multi-vendor commerce or marketplace enablement to drive growth for your client’s business

You require support in framing a strategic go-to-market solution for your clients – leveraging marketplace commerce or multi-vendor fulfilment.

You contact Omnyfy with the client referral and we register a lead or deal with your organisation.

Solution Development

Omnyfy’s solution team collaborates with you and your clients to understand their needs and to identify the appropriateness of marketplace commerce to meet their goals.

We will then work to develop an end-to-end fully integrated technology solution leveraging our state of the art marketplace platform, including integrations with existing ecommerce solutions, fulfilment orchestration, CRM, ERP, SSO and IDP applications.

Once the solution is firmed up, Omnyfy will provide you with a fixed price implementation and licensing proposal for the marketplace solution.


Omnyfy will handle the end-to-end solution implementation including any customisation or integration works required to realise the full marketplace solution.

Omnyfy partners with some of the world’s leading technology Systems Integrators and software development firms, to establish the right team to build, test and launch the solution.


Once launched, the marketplace solution will come under Omnyfy’s hyper-care customer support, providing trouble free care for the platform as it scales

24/7/365 application monitoring and support

High availability offering up to 99.99% uptime backed with world-class SLA’s.

Enterprise level security with ISO-27001:2022 certified systems and practices.


You don’t simply become a partner of Omnyfy, rather we collaborate to ensure that your business is well positioned, trained and equipped with the knowledge, tools and capabilities to deliver high-performance, beautifully designed marketplaces for your clients.

We will work with you to deliver success and ensure a significant contribution to your sales, while also providing you with ongoing recurring revenue through licence fee rebates.

Omnyfy’s PaaS Multi-Vendor Marketplace solution is rapidly becoming the choice of enterprises and SME’s to create and launch marketplaces or platform businesses of every type.

All Partners

  • Access to qualified, assessed leads who want to create marketplaces, based on region and client size.
  • Access to Omnyfy’s PaaS Marketplace Platform dev environments and all modules.
  • Dev docs and online chat support.
  • Assistance in estimating and pricing implementations.
  • Partners retain 100% of the implementation and ongoing SLA revenues.
  • Depending on the lead origination, Partners receive between 5% – 15% of all ongoing licence fees for the lifetime of the client engagement.
  • Listing as an Implementation Partner on Omnyfy’s Website.

Preferred Partners

  • Priority access to leads.
  • Co-branded marketing and sales opportunities.
  • Priority access to technical support teams for implementation assistance.
  • Support in responding to client RFI’s, RFQ’s and RFP’s from a platform perspective.
  • Featured Listing as a Preferred Partner on Omnyfy’s Website.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) marketing budget allocation to drive additional traffic to the Omnyfy Implementation Services page on partner’s website.

Become A Partner


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Be assessed based on your agency expertise and deliverable capability


Allocation of region and client marketplace type


Partner onboarding (access to dev application and documentation)

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