Transforming the software resale and service industry in Europe

Amazic Software Distribution Marketplace

Amazic, based out of The Netherlands understood that software distribution especially for cloud-based enterprise software was seeing a revolution in distribution. No longer did businesses or organisations need to purchase software via a distributor – they could effectively access the application via IAAS and Cloud-hosting solution providers such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Added to this, the complexity of enterprise cloud software licencing meant that organisations were heavily reliant on resellers to determine their licensing requirements and understand exactly what type of licence they required to run their applications.

Amazic set out to transform software distribution and procurement by implementing a marketplace that solved two key problems for the industry:

1) Enable customers to quickly and easily filter complex licences to rapidly find the right licence for their needs

2) Find a reseller partner from whom they could purchase the licence

The marketplace would enable distinermediation without creating conflict in the supply chain, and meant that existing resellers, managed service partners (MSP’s) and implementation providers would still play a vital role in the procurement and implementation of the enterprise software applications.

Marketplace Type

Key Features

  • Product Catalogue
  • Vendor Stores
  • Custom Category solution
  • Taxjar integration
  • Stripe Integration

Implemented By

  • Omnyfy Team


  • Fully customised category based product filters
  • Custom product import

What We Did

Omnyfy implemented a custom marketplace solution built on Omnyfy’s Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform with a heavily customised category solution that enabled Amazic to link multiple re-sellers to a single software licence.

Omnyfy implemented a custom category search that enables customers to effectively filter through hundreds of possible licences and arrive at the right licence for their requirements in just three selections.

Our custom category taxonomy has enabled Amazic to create and manage master product catalogues while enabling re-sellers to list and manage their own product offerings at their own prices. Customers can find a licence and then identify their preferred re-seller from whom they can then place an order via the marketplace


The first phase of the Amazic Marketplace has launched and enables procurement of product with Amazic as the primary distributor. The marketplace will be opened up to third party resellers throughout Europe in 2020.