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Vendor stores

Vendor stores are a major part of any marketplace. A store is the focal point of a Vendor’s presence on the marketplace and must showcase the Vendor’s brand, their products and services, their ratings and reviews and their service providers in order to develop trust and drive conversion.

Omnymart’s flexible Vendor Store design and capability suite delivers on these requirements and more, with beautifully designed stores that can be customised to suit the nature and requirements of your marketplace.

Stores offer different themes to cover service or product type marketplaces.

Vendors get their own stores, a store is linked to a specific vendor business

Vendors can create multiple locations, offices or warehouses under their account

Vendors can sell products, offer services and take enquiries (depending on the marketplace configuration)

Beautiful store layouts include product catalogue, service offerings, overview, location details, opening hours and selling policies

Vendors have full control over their store information

Store management

Vendors have full control over their store and can publish business, location and contact information on their store. Vendors can also add logos and change the background banners of their store to highlight specific service or product offerings.

Vendors can create products to sell, or services that can be purchased or booked

In services marketplaces, vendors can create professional service providers with calendars to accept bookings or appointments

Vendors get secure access to the admin application with controlled roles (roles are controlled by Marketplace owners)

Vendors can see only their orders within the system (split order)

All vendor earnings, sales data, orders etc. are automatically split and processed by Omnymart

Order fulfillment

We beleive that a powerful marketplace platform must also be easy for Vendors to use. Omnymart offers a comprehensive management interface for Vendors to receive orders and fulfill their orders with complete control over the pick-and-pack process.

Vendors can print out pick-and-pack slips and can choose to ship individual items within an order or the full order simultaneously.

Each time a change is made to the order, such as when it is ready for shipping and shipped, customers receive notifications, keeping them informed of the fulfilment process.

Vendors will receive email notifications when they receive an order

Orders are automatically split per vendor, so each vendor only sees their portion of the overall order

Drop shipping support, each vendor ships only their component of the order

Orders can be fulfilled independently - i.e. each vendor's part of the order is tracked independently

Customer receives notification each time a product within the overall order is shipped

Marketing and promotions

Omnymart brings the power of Magento 2 and its comprehensive promotions and marketing capabilities to a marketplace format. Every vendor on the platform has access to create customised discount and promotional codes that can be triggered automatically based on what a customer purchases, or by inserting a coupon code.


Omnymart is one of a handful of  marketplace platforms to support multiple coupons at checkout, a vital feature that enables individual vendors to offer coupon codes to customers that can be stacked for bigger basket sizes and greater discounts.

Vendors can import or manually create products within their catalogue

Create custom promotions and pricing discounts for products in their catalogue

Create custom coupon codes and shopping cart rules for only their products

Comprehensive pricing management

Special prices and time-bound (start and end-date) discounts for sales periods

Service booking and appointments

Powerful marketplace features that enables services bookings on your marketplace. Each vendor can create and manage service offerings including the creation of multiple service providers to deliver the service. Services and Appointments are fully configurable with pricing and time-frames. The module also includes calendar management, out of office management, front-end and back-end service booking and much more.

Create and manage service offerings that can be booked by customers

Vendors can create multiple offices per business

Add practitioners or professional service providers to an office or location

Create appointment calendars for service providers

Customers can book appointments for themselves or others

Warehouse and inventory management

Designed to power Drop-Shipping marketplaces, Omnymart’s powerful multi-warehouse inventory management and fulfillment solution ensures that Marketplace Operators can drive maximum sales without having to carry any inventory. Sales can be routed to specific Vendor Warehouses using built-in rules or customised rules. Vendors can create and manage multiple warehouses with separate inventory management per warehouse.

Omnymart’s sophisticated split-cart technology picks the most suitable warehouse based on proximity, inventory and priority.

Products can be assigned to one or more warehouses with available inventory

Stock is shipped from the nearest warehouses to the order location or from a prioritised warehouse

Enable back-orders or out-of-stock setting per product

Low stock notifications

Stock reports for warehouses

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews help create trust in a marketplace. Omnymart’s Ratings and Reviews capabilities offer customers the ability to review the products and services offered by Vendors and automatically calculates an overall vendor rating based on the aggregate of all ratings.

Customers can rate and review products

All ratings are sent to the marketplace owner for moderation prior to appearing on the website

Service ratings and reviews only after a customer has completed attending the appointment or has acknowledge service delivery

Automated calculation of Vendor ratings based on service or product ratings

Service provider professionals are rated independently from the service delivery (e.g. Service Rating and Service Provider rating)

Vendor dashboard and reports

Omnymart’s comprehensive reports and dashboards enable your Vendors to stay informed of their sales, bookings, income and fees at all times.

Comprehensive vendor dashboard with key information on store performance

Total sales, top customers, best selling products, recent purchases and lifetime sales data

Time line of sales by volume and value

Sales and Service booking reports

Earnings and payout reports


We’re here to help you bring your marketplace ideas to life. If you have any questions or require more information, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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