Google Maps Product Catalogues

Google Maps Product Catalogues

Creating a marketplace that is location centric? – the Google Maps Product Catalogues module from Omnyfy allows marketplace owners to create beautiful, hyper-local and location based product marketplaces with a maps based search functionality.

Suitable for:

  • Marketplaces that require location based product search
  • Marketplaces for booking physical assets such as Real-Estate rentals, Holiday rentals, Tourism marketplaces and more

Use Cases:

  • Real Estate marketplaces
  • Location based marketplaces
  • Local community marketplaces
  • Holiday rental marketplaces
  • Physical asset rental marketplaces
  • Tourism marketplaces


The Google Maps Product catalogue module allows marketplaces to create a marketplace with location based listings that can be searched on a beautiful Google Map.

  • Display products on a Google Map
  • Search by area or address
  • Set centralised locations based on user location or default center
  • Combine Google Maps location with Product Filters
  • Switch easily between Map and List views


  • Create marketplaces for location based listings
  • Offer customers the ability to search based on location, area or map view and apply comprehensive filters to get to products that match their needs
  • Filter products directly on the map view
  • “Search This Area” – users can simply drag the map and click Search This Area to return results on the area within the Screen
  • Use customer location and GPS coordinators to centralise map search area

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