Your gateway to China

Omnyfy offers businesses in Australia access to a complete suite of services and technology solutions to gain a foothold and grow their exports into the China market.


Omnyfy is established as a licensed technology business in China. We have the experience and the corporate structure required to comply with Chinese government hosting, domain ownership and Internet Content Provider (ICP) requirements and we are well positioned to help your Australian business grow in China.


Web, Marketplaces and Merchandising

Website and eCommerce

Gain access to the lucrative China market with a website and eCommerce store hosted by Omnyfy

China Marketplaces

Complete solutions for selling online via T-mall Global, TaoBao, JD, JD Worldwide and more

Digital merchandising

Managed digital merchandising - content, image creation, social media and search

Shipping and logistics

End-to-end shipping and logistics for retail and commercial volume shipments

Issues faced by Australian companies targeting customers in China

Website in Australia blocked in China

Host your website within China. Omnyfy can help host your existing website in China or design and build a tailor made website for your customers in China.

Poor content for Chinese audience

Ensure that you're delivering high quality chinese content to your customers in China with a bespoke, multi-lingual website and properly authored content.

Website not optimised for WeChat?

WeChat is the largest social platform in China, ensure your site is optimised and integrated with customer WeChat accounts and payments for maximum accessibility.

Unable to register a .cn or domain?

Omnyfy can help your business register a domain in China and hold it as a proxy registrar on your behalf. Secure your business domain today with us.

Unable to secure an ICP license?

Every domain hosted in China requires an ICP. Australian businesses cannot register an ICP without a Chinese entity. Omnyfy can help secure an ICP for your domains.

Need a trusted partner to help you sell?

Omnyfy is an Australian company with extensive experience in China. We help Australian businesses grow their sales in China using digital channels and marketplaces.


Experience to guide you,

technology to power your business

We know what works

Our team has over a decade’s worth of experience in developing digital solutions for businesses within the China market working with major brands and five star TP's.

Compliant with China hosting and ICP requirements

As Omnyfy has a Chinese business entity registered as an ICP, we are able to secure domain name registration, hosting, ICP registration and ensure your presence is fully compliant with China Internet Content Provider hosting regulations.

Host your website within China and ensure your customers and suppliers can access your content without being blocked or throttled

Secure your brand’s official WeChat presence with an Official Account created and managed by Omnyfy on behalf of your brand

Australian business with Chinese entity

Omnyfy is a 100% Australian owned company with over 4 years of experience in the development of eCommerce, and enterprise content management solutions for some of Australia largest businesses. You work with Australian account managers and solution providers with contracts in Australia.

Omnyfy hosts our solutions with AliYun, China’s premier Global Cloud solution provider owned by Alibaba. We offer a completely managed hosting solution that provides access to the China market for businesses who simply have no other pathway of gaining access to Chinese customers.