Create your eCommerce marketplace with Omnymart


Create your eCommerce marketplace with Omnymart

Looking for a powerful, enterprise class platform to power your next marketplace idea? Your search ends here. Omnymart packs more features, modules and capabilities than any other marketplace platform. Request a demo and see for yourself and see why.

Welcome to enterprise marketplace technology, it’s great up here!

Fully managed solution

We manage your marketplace technology and infrastructure, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Integrate with anything

Omnymart's open API together with Magento's legendary connectivity, enables your marketplace to communicate with any online platform for enterprise data-integration

For products, services and booking marketplaces

Omnymart's unique feature set enables marketplace operators to sell products or services, accept bookings and even run events on their marketplace

Customisable designs

Don't be constrained by themes or out-of-the-box designs. Bring your own designs or let us create a beautiful marketplace for you.

Features that drive sales

Everything about Omnymart is designed to help vendors sell more, from automated re-purchases, to subscriptions and comprehensive discounts and promotions capability

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Our multi-server infrastructure delivers 99.95% up time guarantee, better than any other marketplace provider

Features for Marketplace Owners

Everything you need to create and manage your marketplace

Features for Vendors

Powerful features to onboard, manage and help vendors sell

Front-end Features

Beautiful, customisable, responsive and feature rich front-end

What kind of marketplaces can Omnymart be used for?

Omnymart can be used to drive marketplaces that offer physical products as well as services. For services, Omnymart supports both purchase of a service (let’s say a fixed price  service offering) and also allows you to run a marketplace for appointment booking, such as professional services, healthcare services etc.


Here are some examples of marketplaces that can be run on Omnymart

  • Healthcare marketplaces where patients can search for, and make appointments with doctors or other healthcare professionals
  • Professional services marketplaces where customers can search for legal, accountants, tax or financial advisors
  • Automotive marketplaces where you can combine dealer stock together with vehicle servicing on a single marketplac


Have an idea for a marketplace? talk to us and we’ll help you bring it to life.

What version of Magento does Omnymart support?

Omnymart is designed on Magento 2, the latest and most powerful version of the world’s most popular eCommerce platform.

How is Omnymart priced?

Omnymart is priced as a licensed product from Omnyfy.

  • Annual licensing fee for the base platform (includes 1 marketplace license)
  • Additional license per marketplace (you can run up to 3 additional marketplaces on a single base installation)
  • Hosting is additional and is paid for by the marketplace owner
  • Any customisation or enhancements to the core platform is additional


Talk to us to get a quote on your marketplace implementation.

Are there any restrictions such as limited products, sales volume, number of vendors etc?

No – there are no artificial restrictions. You can have as many products, services, service providers, vendors or sales on your marketplace. This is the whole point of running a successful marketplace and Omnyfy does not impost any restrictions.

Can Omnymart be customised to suit my marketplace branding and design requirements?

Absolutely. As Omnymart is built on Magento 2, it is highly customisable. We can also develop bespoke themes if you have a design idea in mind. Note, however that some functionality can only be themed to match your designs and branding. These include:

  • Service search and booking
  • Vendor search

Everything else is fully customisable

What payment gateways does Omnymart support?

Omnymart supports all of the standard payment gateways supported by Magento 2.0.


Additionally, we are in the process of developing our own gateway connector that will enable marketplace operators to run direct disbursements to vendors with same day settlement. This connector will revolutionise how your vendors receive payments and will dramatically reduce the administration effort for your marketplace.

Got a question?

Got a question that isn’t answered here, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

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Discovery and Specifications

Understanding your marketplace needs to create a user centric experience for your vendors and customers

Omnyfy's project team will collaborate with your business stakeholders to undertake a series of exploratory workshops to understand the needs, goals, motivations, business rules and risk factors associated with your project. The outcomes of this phase will include project specifications, marketplace configuration documents and user flows.

Design and customisation

Making your marketplace look the way you want

Omnymart's versatile theming capabilities enable us to make it look just the way you want. Additionally, we can create bespoke marketplace themes for your specific marketplace, including support for WCAG Level 2 AA accessibility compliance.

Custom development and Integration

Customise the marketplace to your business needs

Based on the specifications developed and the integration requirements of the application, Omnyfy's professional services development team kicks into action, configuring and customising the out-of-the-box functionality to suit the needs of your marketplace. The Open Architecture of Omnymart enables us to connect the platform with virtually any enterprise application including ERP, CRM, Order Management Systems (OMS), Accounting platforms and more.

Request a demo

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