Poligage professional service marketplace for policy advisors goes live powered by Omnyfy

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Whenever we have a client talk to us about launching a professional service marketplace or product marketplace, especially when it is a startup, where the idea and vision is created by and funded by an individual with a dream, we always check to see if they’ve got what it takes to succeed, we look for these three things:

  • Does the industry sector lend itself to a marketplace – i.e. highly fragmented supply side with no major player dominating the sector, fragmented customer base with high frequency of purchase and relatively common demand requirements and large number of sellers or providers.
  • Do they have experience in the sector
  • Do they have an unfair advantage on the demand or supply side – i.e. do they have a large number of seller or buyer contacts ready to be onboarded

Poligage ticked all three.

Filling a gap in the sector

Founded by experienced policy and government services expert, Christine Davies, Poligage is a professional service marketplace that is looking to transform how companies search for and engage with policy advisors across the globe.

Based in Washington D.C., Christine’s vision was to create a service and content marketplace that made it really easy for organisations to find and engage the right policy advisor whenever they needed and for whatever specific need they had – it’s like having an instant batphone to hundreds of experts in every sector that you needed.

“The government affairs and public policy advisory industry has been in major need of greater connectivity and visibility. The idea for Poligage was to create an online marketplace that would connect the best policy and government affairs advisors with customers all over the world in an on-demand way. Omnyfy brought this vision to life by applying their robust platform, online marketplace expertise, and creativity to create this new way of doing business in the knowledge economy.”
Christine Davies
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Enabling service booking and product sales on one marketplace

Poligage leverages Omnyfy’s unique capabilities that enable service marketplace and product sales on the same platform. Experts can create calendars and service offerings to take appointment bookings via the platform as well as offer ready made reports or fixed-price consultation services alongside their appointment and advisory services.

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