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Omnyfy is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace PaaS solution enabling enterprises and SMB's to create and launch product, service or booking marketplaces.
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About This Project

DFO is one of Australia’s largest factory outlet group with centres across Australia. In 2016, Omnyfy was engaged to redevelop the DFO web platform to create a more contemporary experience for customers, whilst delivering more flexibility to individual centre marketers.

The Challenge

Before developing the DFO web platform, Omnyfy conducted extensive user experience research into the behaviour of DFO’s customers and how they approached the brand. Our findings indicated that customers who wanted to shop at DFO didn’t differentiate between the specific DFO centres, i.e. they were driven by the deals and offers rather than any specific DFO centre. They would look for an offer and then find out if it was available at their nearest DFO centre. This indicated a need to house all DFO centres under a single brand umbrella so that customers simply navigated to one DFO address, rather than to the address of each specific centre. Additionally from this landing page, they would need be directed to their nearest centre (Proximity Based).

The requirement to house the new DFO websites as part of the existing Vicinity Centre’s platform provided an additional layer of complexity as it required us to create a routing solution that enabled Umbrella structures on the existing CMS, while retaining the individual centre structure of all other Vicinity Centre websites.

What we delivered

Omnyfy architected and implemented a seamless Umbrella landing page for DFO – complete with proximity based content for mobile devices, that immediately directed visitors to their nearest centre based on their location. The routing architecture enabled each centre to be housed as a child of the parent website, while also enabling access via its own domain (such as As the solution was built on the existing Vicinity CMS base, DFO inherited all of the advanced functionalities that was available to the rest of Vicinity’s 90+ websites with virtually no additional cost, the benefit of a multi-tenanted solution.

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