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About This Project

Emporium Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s premier retail locations. Located right in the heart of Melbourne, Emporium is home to prestigious brands, glamours stores and fantastic dining precincts. It required a web presence that communicated this high-end luxury status for clientele that were predominantly users of mobile and tablet devices. Omnyfy was tasked with the challenge of re-thinking the Emporium online experience while delivering a comprehensive suite of features that made it simple and effortless for customers to find what they were looking for.

What we delivered

Working with boutique digital agency bDigital, we designed an experience that exuded class and the high-end shopping experience that is Emporium. Through the use of high resolution, optimised imagery and a unique “X-bar” (Crossbar) interaction pattern that allowed users to swipe through the navigation on touch devices, we were able to create a unique, yet usable navigation system that took users directly to what Emporium had to offer, whether it was to Shop, Dine, Discover or Visit.

User centric design

The designs for Emporium were tested using a fully interactive prototype built using Flinto. This allowed us to test every aspect of the interaction mechanisms, to ensure that users intuitively touched, swiped and tapped their way to their goals effortlessly. Usability testing was conducted by bDigital in-situ, at Emporium during peak shopping hours to get the best cross-section of users that we could access, in context and while they were in the mental state of shopping or dining.

Unique adaptive front-end design

In order to deliver the design experience across devices, Omnyfy’s front-end developers had to work their magic and create a fully-adaptive, yet responsive interface that accomodate different interaction types across device. This challenging front-end build was delivered to perfection, resulting in a seamless user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop – just as the designers intended.

Blazing fast

Delivering the intended user experience would only work if the whole site was fast and responsive to user interactions. Omnyfy’s proprietory caching architecture on Umbraco enabled us to deliver blazing fast load times and an experience that is truly “app-like”.

Designed with marketers in mind

As the central design of the entire website relied heavily on beautiful imagery that scaled and still kept the main aspects of the image background in focus, Omnyfy developed a unique tracking system as part of the CMS that allowed content marketers to select focal points on the image, so that as the image scaled, the scaling was handled around the established focal point. To see this feature in action, click here to visit Emporium Melbourne’s website – then pay attention to how the image on the Home Screen scales – it scales with focus on the LEFT CENTRE of the image, whereas the background on the Dine section scales with focus on the CENTRE CENTRE of the image to keep the chef as the focal point. Content Marketers can set this focal point by simply selecting it from the CMS.

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