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Omnyfy is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace PaaS solution enabling enterprises and SMB's to create and launch product, service or booking marketplaces.
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About This Project

Giftr is an award winning campaign application conceptualised by Vicinity Centres and designed and developed by Omnyfy. The purpose of Giftr is to offer Vicinity Centres a reusable application that can be quickly deployed for major retail events such as Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day. Users are presented with a series of images and questions and can select “YES” or “NO” by swiping right or left (Tinder style). Depending on the answers provided, the Giftr Application will provide a recommendation on gifts and will also present a persona of the user or the person for whom they are buying the gift.

What we delivered

Designed to be simple yet delivering a beautifully engaging customer experience, Giftr was built on the ubiquitous “Swipe right if you like it” interaction concept of tinder to enable a wide range of user demographics to quickly learn and use its interface to find the right gift for their loved ones. Traditional gifting applications rely on boring ranking based selections, dropdowns, checkboxes or other form based responses. Giftr is one of the first gift-finders of its kind to use the innovative swipe interaction to record user choice. To realise this interaction, Omnyfy developed a sophisticated user interface using custom JS and Bootstrap, supporting click and drag as well as touch based interactivity to allow users to engage with the application regardless of device – on mobile, tablet and on desktop. The core of the application uses a custom ranking algorithm to dynamically evaluate user responses and feed more relevant questions or options to the user to help them narrow down their gift selections to a prioritised set of three results. Each result is given a ranking based on the responses to the questions. The Giftr application is also fully integrated with response mechanisms once a user has found a gift – including integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to capture campaign responses and social sharing.

Giftr breaks the mould of traditional campaign landing pages or interactive websites by being a re-usable platform for Vicinity Centres. Every single aspect of the application is managed via the Content Management Solution (CMS) – from the interface to the questions, to the imagery, backgrounds, personas, weighting and products. Each element is completely customisable and configurable ensuring that Vicinity centres is able to derive ongoing value and ROI from the application, rather than being a one-off instance.

Giftr has laid the foundation within Vicinity Centres, once-and-for-all changing the notion of how digital campaigns are to be approached – as usable, useful engaging applications that can be continuously built on, re-used and evolved rather than merely pretty, expensive microsites that have limited manageability and effectiveness.

Giftr has already seen success twice in less than a year of going live – first for Christmas 2015 and most recently for Mother’s Day 2016.

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