Omnyfy | Market Organics, Gluten Free Grocers E2M implementation
Omnyfy is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace PaaS solution enabling enterprises and SMB's to create and launch product, service or booking marketplaces.
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About This Project

Market Organics is a leading vendor for organic and gluten free products in Queensland. The company runs multiple Magento stores for their products and required a seamless solution that integrated their ERP system, MYOB Exo, with their Magento websites.

The Challenge

Market Organics run a fairly complex Exo implementation comprising of multiple stores, large numbers of customers and SKU’s. The integration requirement was comprised of a full sync mechanism between MYOB Exo and Magento, with the ability to allow Market Organics to control tier pricing, group pricing, product attribute data, inventory and whether or not to track product inventory status, all from Exo.

What we delivered

Omnyfy implemented our E2M (Exo to Magento) connector and configured all of the requirements for Market Organics based on a defined specification. The project required significant consultation to determine the best way to achieve the goals of the client and included several changes to the underlying Magento implementation to accommodate attribute specifications from Exo.

The implementation included an enhancement to the Exo product as well,  exposing thousands of price-points to accommodate the need to integrate and synchronise Tier pricing between Exo and Magento.


  • Sync all products between Exo and Magento
  • Sync all orders back to Exo in real time
  • Sync all Product Tier pricing and Group pricing
  • Sync all locations and warehouses
  • Sync all debtors from Exo to Magento. New customers are created as debtors in Exo
  • Map Exo pricing to Customer Groups in multiple Magento stores
  • Map Additional Fields in Exo to Magento attributes


ERP Connectors
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