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Omnyfy is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace PaaS solution enabling enterprises and SMB's to create and launch product, service or booking marketplaces.
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About This Project

Vicinity Shopping Centres is one of Australia’s largest retail property management groups with over 90 Shopping Centre properties owned or under management.  Omnyfy was selected by Vicinity Centres to implement an Enterprise CMS, to re-platform 90+ shopping centres onto a centralised content management solution for the entire group.

The Challenge

Over 90+ Shopping Centres has to be managed on a single platform. This included over 7000+ Retail Stores and hundreds of retail product and service categories. The platform required integration with SalesForce Marketing Cloud to facilitate contact management and subscriptions, and required integration with the enterprise retailer management system – JD Edwards.

The Solution

Our experience in implementing high-performance architecture allowed us to adopt a lightweight CMS – Umbraco, to drive the implementation of Vicinity Centres’ platform.

With over 10 years’ experience in implementing solutions in Umbraco, the project was well within the capabilities of Omnyfy’s development team. We implemented a multi-instance Umbraco solution, separating front-end rendering duties from the back-end content publishing activities. Additionally a content cache helped in speeding up content delivery – offering customers a blazing fast experience. Omnyfy also developed a customised content import solution that is regularly used by Vicinity Centres to import thousands of new retailers onto the system, directly from the JDE platform.

Leveraging a multi-tenant mindset

The platform was developed as a multi-tenanted solution with each centre website gaining access to shared services and functionality across the entire platform. This enabled us to architect functionality as a suite, that was immediately accessible to all centre websites on the instance. This architecture approach has also drastically reduced the total cost of ownership of the platform as every new centre on the platform instantly inherits all of the established platform features.

SalesForce Integration

All 90+ centres on the Vicinity Centre’s Enterprise CMS platform are connected with SalesForce Marketing Cloud with independent identifiers to ensure customers who register to specific centres only receive content and information from that centre. Omnyfy implemented the SalesForce component in collaboration with Citrus and thereafter Digital Logic.

A Fully Responsive, Adaptive Design

The Vicinity Centre’s design is a responsive-adaptive design, ensuring that users are served the perfect experience regardless of device, always in context to their activities.

Uber Search – High Speed Global Search Engine

In order to meet Vicinty Centre’s need to have a single, ubiquitous search capability across all content items on the website, including support for tagged content, retailers, events, news, content articles as well as curated search results, Omnyfy developed our own search engine called Uber Search for Umbraco. The search engine is extremely powerful, fast and offers real-time, faceted search that returns categorised search results to customers across Retailers, Events, News and Centre Information. The search works across any device and provides immediate results as the user begins typing.

NOTE: There are over 90+ websites that have been developed for Vicinity using this platform implementation. Queens Plaza is just one example.

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