Design, test and visualise your eCommerce interfaces


In situations where the marketplace or platform implementation requires the development of new interfaces or features that are exposed to end-customers or vendors, Omnyfy will develop an interactive prototype that helps us rapidly design and test the feature, at a low cost.

Omnyfy creates prototypes that range in fidelity from quick-to-test low fidelity, through to high-fidelity mock-ups of marketplace implementations which are useful when looking to gain detailed design and interaction feedback from representative users.

We develop prototypes that test:

  • Interaction design
  • User flow analysis (step through user flows with actual screens)
  • Messaging and sign-posting
  • Advanced interactions for touch devices
  • Cross-device engagement (Example: Desktop to Mobile to Tablet to Desktop)
  • Context of use (how do users actually engage with a device in their workplace or home)
  • Design performance
  • Findability and information architecture

Business Analysis

We analyse how you do things today, to help create change that improves the way you operate tomorrow.

UX Research

Creating useful, usable and desirable experiences for your eCommerce customers and employees.


Rapid interactive prototyping to ideate, test and visualise your marketplace ideas and interfaces

Visual and Interaction Design

Stunning contemporary design that drives conversion and creates engaging user interactions.

Application development

Robust code and powerful platforms to drive scalable, secure marketplace and eCommerce solutions.

Enterprise integrations

We play well with others, with open architecture and cross-platform integrations and connectors.

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