Recurring purchases and subscriptions

Perfectly suited for marketplaces that offer subscription services or products, or provides the ability for customers to re-order products at regular intervals.


Customers can define re-order schedules by day, week or month and decide the end-point of the subscription either by date or after a certain number of orders are placed.


This versatile feature is also completely customisable by the marketplace owner and by the vendor on a per product basis. 

Suitable for

Subscription payments

Regularly ordered products for restocking

Products that are required at specific schedules, such as groceries, health products, aged-care products etc.

Recurring purchases and subscriptions

Repeat purchases or subscriptions for increased sales

For Marketplace Operators

Manage configurations centrally, depending on the type of recurring purchases or subscriptions you wish to enable for your marketplace

Set the headline copy for the Recurring Purchase products

Set the description text for the Recurring Purchase products

Requires payment gateway platform that support tokenised payments

For Vendors

Activate Recurring Purchase for particular products

Select the re-purchase or subscription timeframe options - can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly

For monthly purchases, vendors can set the date of the month to trigger the new order and payment

Set the maximum quantity that can be purchased using Recurring Repurchase

View and manage Recurring Purchase profiles

Change the status of Recurring Purchase profiles

View the history of orders placed with a Recurring Purchase profile for each customer

For Customers

Setup automatic re-purchase for the products and services or subscribe to products that require regular payments

Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule options

Select the subscription start date, if allowed by Vendors

Set the Scheduled Purchase stop date or the number of re-purchase times

Automatically re-purchase the product regularly based on an established schedule through direct billing

View and manage your their subscription profiles on the customer dashboard

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