Only Craft Beer

Only Craft Beer

Australia’s first direct-from-brewery Craft Beer marketplace

Supporting local breweries and removing the barriers for craft brewers to sell online

The goal for Only Craft Beer was to create a marketplace that allowed any small or large craft brewery to get started with online sales without the need to have complex distribution agreements with large alcohol retailers that impact their margins and require extensive commitments.

Only Craft Beer offers beer lovers the ability to support local Australian brewers by buying direct from multiple breweries in a single checkout. OCB will also be launching Craft Beer Champions – a subscription service that allows customers to subscribe and receive additional discounts on their beer purchases, access to amazing craft beer mix packs, seasonal offers, free cases of beer and the ability to “crowd-fund” breweries.

Marketplace Type

Key Features

  • Multi-vendor marketplace
  • Subscription products
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Australia Post Integrated Shipping

Implemented By

  • Omnyfy


  • Fully custom design
  • Subscription product

What we did

Omnyfy design and implemented a beautiful marketplace that positioned the beers and breweries as the hero. The marketplace enables breweries to sign up and receive approval to sell on the marketplace. Once approved the breweries are listed with the ability to customise their own Store Front and list their beers. We’ll be bringing on new functionality such as the Craft Champion’s Club for subscription access to exclusive beers every month and Beer Profiler which would allow beer lovers to create a taste profile and receive beers that match their profile, every month.


Only Craft Beer was launched and received over 30 brewery signups in its first two weeks. The marketplace is now on track to grow its customer base of ardent beer supporters – people who want to support local breweries and drink unique, small batch craft beers. Omnyfy will continue to support and expand the capabilities of the Only Craft Beer marketplace through innovative functionality that drives more value to every brewery selling through it.

Omnyfy’s team instantly understood what I wanted for Only Craft Beer and have worked closely with me to bring Only Craft Beer to life. The site has received fantastic reviews and feedback from our sellers and customers – I’m excited to be on this journey with Omnyfy and look forward to growing our customer base and making OCB “THE” marketplace for craft beer in Australia.
Isaias Vinaroz