Front-End Features

Features designed to create powerful product, service or booking solutions for B2B or B2C marketplaces

Marketplace-OwnerFront-End Features

Supports Themes or Full Customisation

Omnyfy Marketplace comes out of the box with a suite of 20 themes. You can start off by selecting a base theme and then customising it to suite your marketplace needs, or request Omnyfy’s design to to develop a completely custom look and feel based on your marketplace UX requirements.

  • Beautiful, responsive design with custom UI adaptations for mobile and tablet experiences
  • Fine-grained customisations to create a bespoke, branded marketplace for your business
  • Custom UI design by Omnyfy developed through months of customer usability studies and testing
  • Support for accessibility up to WCAG Level 2 AA
  • Versatile and extensible to suit your specific marketplace needs

Designed for conversion

We’ve designed Omnyfy Marketplace to be optimised to drive conversions on your marketplace. Whether your goal is to drive product sales, appointment bookings, event ticket sale, enquiries or requests for quote, Omnyfy Marketplace offers simple direct pathways for customers to find and purchase what they’re looking for.

  • Simple search, find, compare, buy and checkout process
  • View and compare products from multiple vendors
  • One-page checkout
  • Vendors stores combined product sales and service booking in a single store view
  • Usability tested process for service search and booking

Services booking

The Service Booking Module front-end includes the following components

  • Service search module on the homepage
  • Service search and filter listing view with Map search and Proximity search for desktop and mobile
  • Filterable attributes for services
  • Service booking modal
  • New customer registration with mobile phone verification
  • Service provider pages
  • Service vendor pages
  • Integration with the Customer Dashboard to enable customers to view, change and cancel their bookings
  • Customers can search for service bookings or appointments by Service Type and Appointment type in a specific location
  • Filter, sort and make bookings with ease
  • One page, customisable appointment booking with mobile verification
  • Location services support enables customers to find service providers closest to them
  • Customers can view, cancel or change booking times from their dashboard

Ratings and reviews

One of the most critical aspects of a marketplace and the driver of increased network effects and trust – Ratings and Reviews is a core module of Omnyfy Marketplace and offers the following capabilities:

  • Customers can rate products
  • Customers can rate services after they have attended the appointment or acknowledged delivery of the service
  • Service provider ratings are calculated independently from service rating
  • Customers can view their ratings and reviews in their dashboard
  • All ratings and reviews are modified by Marketplace owners before appearing on the marketplace front-end

Customer dashboard

Customers have access to a beautifully designed dashboard where they can access every aspect of their interaction with the marketplace. The Customer Dashboard is fully responsive and can be extended with add-on modules.

  • Manage profile and account details
  • View, manage and track orders and returns
  • View and manage all recurring purchase profiles, and view orders placed via a recurring purchase profile
  • Manage services and appointments made on the marketplaces
  • Communicate with vendors about orders

Events RSVP

The Events RSVP module offers the following front-end functionality:

  • Event listing module for the homepage
  • Event search
  • Event details page incorporating RSVP, event details, organiser information and related events
  • Browse events by event type, name or location
  • RSVP to an event with/ without including guests
  • View and manage events to which customers have RSVP’d
  • View event details, organiser information, location and event gallery
  • Add event RSVP to their Outlook, GMAIL or iCal calendars

Split Cart by Vendor

Customers can purchase from multiple vendors in a single checkout. The products are added to the cart and split by each Vendor’s location.

This enables Omnyfy to support complex marketplace fulfilment capabilities including consignment grouping per Vendor warehouse location, the ability to orchestrate orders based on availability of stock, proximity of location to customer and warehouse priority.

The customer is presented with a clear view that indicates from whom they’re purchasing. Shipping is also calculated per grouped consignment (per Vendor by Location or Warehouse).

  • Display items in the cart grouped by Vendor and Location
  • Enables order orchestration by availability, proximity and priority
  • Calculates Shipping based on grouped consignments per Location