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How Omnyfy can be used to create a

Product Marketplace

Product marketplaces can either be targeted at customers (B2C) businesses (B2B) or can be combined to target both consumers and businesses using multi-marketplace capabilities of Omnyfy.

A product marketplace is one where the sellers or vendors sell physical, virtual or downloadable products to customers. Some of the key characteristics of a product marketplace are:

  1. The products are physical or virtual goods that require delivery or can be downloaded from the marketplace.
  2. Most product marketplace entail some form of shipping, where the marketplace vendors need to manage their own shipping fees.
  3. Product marketplace tend to have to deal with returns or exchange of products, especially if physical products.
  4. Product marketplaces require the management of inventory and may require support for multiple warehouses for each of the vendors on the marketplace.

Considerations when launching a product marketplace

When launching a product marketplace, you should also consider how each of your vendors would need to manage hundreds if not thousands of SKU’s. Ensure that when selecting a platform, you check that it supports the following capabilities:

  1. Fast search
  2. Ability for vendors on the marketplace to import their products
  3. Ability for vendors to manage their product catalogue
  4. Faceted navigation with the ability to filter and sort products quickly and efficiently
  5. The ability to quickly create additional product attributes for different product types
  6. The ability for vendors to set promotions and discounts
  7. For B2B marketplaces, the ability to set pricing tiers, minimum order quantities, max order quantities and to hide / show products based on the customer.

Omnyfy has a suite of capabilities ideally suited to product marketplaces, which we have highlighted below.

Omnyfy Features for Product Marketplaces

Product catalogue

Add, remove and edit products and information

Product marketing and promotions

The tools to help Vendors promote their products and manage sales events

Marketing and promotions

Send marketing emails, timed from purchases, or display popup windowsn

Marketplace administration

Everything you need to administer and keep your marketplace running smoothly


Shipping routes, weights, distances and the costs involved


An in-depth product search helps users find what they want

Order fulfillment

Vendors can manage and ship their orders through the marketplace

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews for products and vendors

Store management

Vendors can manage their stores, logo, banners, policies and more

Vendor dashboard and reports

Add, remove and edit Vendors and their information

Vendor Distance Shipping Rates

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Vendor Management

Add, remove and edit Vendors and their information

Warehouse and inventory management

Vendors can create multiple warehouses and locations from which to sell products or offer services

Designed for conversion

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Split Cart by Vendor

Customers can order from multiple orders in a single transaction

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Product Marketplace Implementations

Product Marketplaces implemented by Omnyfy

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