Shopify Integration with Omnyfy Fuse


Shopify Integration with Omnyfy Fuse

Omnyfy Fuse is Omnyfy’s ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) module that allows marketplace operators to provide their vendors with Shopify Integration solution to simplify vendor onboarding, order management and fulfilment process.

Suitable for:

  • Markertplaces that have Vendors who have existing Shopify stores and need to connect their stores to the marketplace platform for seamless product, inventory, pricing, order and fulfilment sync

Suitable for:

  • Product Marketplaces
  • B2B Marketplaces
  • B2C Marketplaces
  • Fashion Marketplaces
  • Shopping Centre Marketplaces
  • Grocery Marketplaces


One of the main challenges for a new marketplace is to attract new vendors. Often sellers opt out of joining a marketplace because they don’t have extra time and resources to manage an additional sales channel. Setting up the storefront, uploading all products, manage orders – this may become a big time investment and therefore a barrier for joining.

To ensure the vendors’ journey is seamless, Omnyfy has built in a Fuse module enabling Shopify integration. Fuse can pull products from a vendor’s already existing Shopify store and sync with the Omnyfy-based marketplace platform. When a new order is placed, the sale and order fulfilment is sent back to the vendor’s Shopify store.

Now vendors do not need to spend days manually uploading and sorting out their entire product range. Shopify Integration allows marketplace owners to provide a smooth vendor experience increasing chances to secure more sellers to join the marketplace platform.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Fast and easy vendor onboarding process
  • Improved vendor experience
  • Connect existing Shopify Stores of Vendor’s directly to the marketplace
  • In-bound Sync for Product, Pricing, Inventory, Images, Categories and Product Attributes
  • Out-bound Sync of orders
  • Once orders are packed and dispatched via Omnyfy, the fulfilment status is also updated in Shopify

For Vendors

  • Fast and seamless onboarding
  • No need to re-publish thousands of products – simply connect your Shopify store, provide the mapping details for Attributes and Categories and sync
  • High-performance real-time order sync
  • Inventory in Shopify is updated each time an order is placed to Shopify
  • Inventory sync-back to Omnyfy is performed daily or on schedule
  • Simple management and fulfilment process
  • Real-time inventory and prices update

For Customer Front-End

  • Customers gain access to a wider range of products and better inventory notification through real-time integration

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