Service booking


Service booking

Create feature rich service and booking marketplaces with our powerful module that delivers everything you need to manage providers, calendars, bookings, cancellations and more right out of the box.

Suitable for:

  • Creating solutions that require the search, scheduling and management of appointments and bookings
  • Marketplaces where there are service providers or experts that can be booked
  • Solutions where complex appointment workflows are required including confirmation, changes and cancellations to bookings with various payment requirements.

Use Cases:

  • Professional services marketplaces
  • Venue booking marketplaces
  • Tour marketplaces
  • Trades marketplaces
  • Healthcare and Fitness marketplaces
  • Finance and insurance marketplaces where there is a need to talk with experts


Packed with everything you need to create a booking based marketplace, the Service booking and appointments management module can be added on to any Professional or Ultimate Tier marketplace to deliver comprehensive booking features. From managing service providers to calendars, bookings, cancellation fees, appointment charges and more, this module is also optimised to efficiently manage available bookable timeslots.

Supports global scheduling with timezone management, ideally suited for global professional services marketplaces where cross-timezone scheduling is a common occurrence.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Manage available Service Types that can be offered on your marketplace
  • Manage available Appointment Types that your vendor can offer
  • Vendors can request additional Appointment Types that can be approved by the Marketplace Owner
  • Full visibility over all providers, bookings, locations and more
  • Create and manage Service Provider Attributes that can be used to search for and filter providers
  • Create and manage Location Attributes to support multi-location (multi-office) service providers
  • Process and gain oversight over paid bookings on the platform
  • Disburse funds to Vendor businesses on the marketplace.

For Vendors

  • Create Service Providers who can take bookings and offer services
  • Create calendars for specific Service Providers with multiple calendars per location
  • Service Providers can be assigned to multiple locations, such as doctors operating from different offices at different days of the week
  • Unlimited number of Service Providers
  • Service Provider calendars support out-of-office and breaks
  • Service Providers can set specific services that are not offered on particular days
  • Automatically generate booking calendars based on scheduling optimisation algorithm
  • Each Service Provider can have multiple Practitioners.
  • Appointments can have multiple durations (times) with different costs, cancellation policies and cancellation periods
  • Supports cancellation fee
  • Supports confirmation requirement from Service Provider before appointment can be confirmed
  • Comprehensive booking management including change and cancellation of bookings
  • Cancelled appointments are automatically refunded to customers
  • Searchable, Filterable appointment management list

For Customer Front-End

  • Easily find and book appointments with multiple service providers
  • Book multiple appointments or request multiple service types in a single process (e.g. a Consultation + Business Review, or Consultation + Business Plan development)
  • Manage all service engagements and appointments via their dashboard
  • Cancel or make changes to service bookings
  • SMS booking verification and reminders

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