Vendor Galleries

Vendor Galleries

Provide Vendors with the ability to create beautiful image and video galleries that are displayed on their store, to showcase projects, products or their case studies.

Suitable for:

  • Marketplaces where Vendors showcase projects, case studies and videos
  • Enhancing the Vendor storefront and providing rich content to customers
  • Creating product showcases and “how it works” videos for Vendors

Suitable for:

  • Product Marketplaces
  • Professional Services Marketplaces
  • Fashion Marketplaces
  • B2B Marketplaces
  • Building, Projects and Architect Marketplaces
  • Health and Fitness Marketplaces
  • Technology Marketplaces


The Vendor Galleries module is a simple addition to your marketplace that delivers big value for your Vendors. With the ability to create beautiful galleries that can be further customised to suit the look and feel of your marketplace, Vendor Galleries allows vendors to create video and image galleries with additional descriptions to explain their project or offering.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Enable Vendors to create galleries that showcases their projects, offerings or case studies.
  • Allocate Galleries as an entitlement as part of Vendor Subscriptions
  • Curate Galleries on behalf of Vendors

For Vendors

  • Showcase projects on their storefronts
  • Showcase product how-to videos and imagery
  • Highlight case studies for professional services marketplace vendors

For Customer Front-End

  • Browser Vendor projects and showcases
  • Browse image galleries and read up on product usage and other how-to information

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