Enquiries Module


Enquiries Module

Enquiries enable customers on a marketplace to request more information or to make an enquiry about a product or directly to a seller on the marketplace.

Suitable for:

  • Marketplaces where a customer wants to get more information about a product or service
  • Lead generation marketplaces
  • Simple communication between customers and sellers

Suitable for:


This simple module enables customers to make an enquiry about a product or to communicate directly with a seller on the marketplace. The Enquiries Module also integrates with Omnyfy’s Subscriptions module, enabling Marketplace Owners to restrict or manage the number of enquiries available for specific Vendor Subscription Tiers. For example, you can create tiers that have limited (5,10, 12 etc) or Unlimited Enquiries per subscription period. (e.g. 5 enquiries per month).

For Marketplace Owners

  • Enables Marketplace Owners to create custom Enquiry Forms which can be filled in by customers
  • Dispatches an Email notification to Vendors notifying them that a new Enquiry has been received

For Vendors

  • Vendors can log in to their Vendor Portal on Omnyfy Marketplace and respond to the Enquiries or contact the customer directly via phone
  • View Enquiries history

For Customer Front-End

  • Customers can make an enquiry on a product or directly on the Vendor’s store
  • Customers can communicate back and forth with Vendor’s via their account dashboard
  • Customers can view and manage a history of their enquiries

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