Easyship Integration

Easyship Integration

Easyship is a globally accessible integrated shipping solution provider with over 240 courier providers in 26 countries.

To ensure that marketplace operators have easy access to a flexible shipping solution, Omnyfy has built-in Easyship, the leading cloud shipping solution.

Omnyfy’s Easyship integration is one of the most powerful integrated Multi-Vendor Shipping Solutions in the market today with class-leading features integrated with Easyship’s powerful delivery solution.

Suitable for:

  • Marketplaces with decentralised shipping model (dropshipping)
  • Retail marketplaces that are not willing to carry stock. The orders are sent to the vendor/supplier and shipped directly from the vendor’s warehouse
  • Local deliveries
  • International deliveries
  • Cross-Border marketplaces
  • Marketplaces where Vendor’s manage their shipping themselves

Suitable for:

  • Product Marketplaces
  • Retail Marketplaces
  • Wholesale Marketplaces


Easyship provides seamless and flexible shipping options by integrating with a variety of leading international couriers across all over the world, calculating tax and duty costs and preparing the right paperwork for smooth customs clearance and delivery.  

Omnyfy marketplace allows the Marketplace Owner or Vendor to use their own Easyship account with a list of preferred couriers so that customers can choose which courier they would like to use. Alternatively, Vendors can elect to charge their buyers with a flat shipping rate, while choosing the courier on behalf of the customer.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Ability to provide vendors with flexible shipping options
  • Easy to set up and configure 
  • Allows vendor to use their Easyship account with the list of preferred couriers
  • Support for Live Rates or Flat Rates
  • Live Rates from Easyship includes Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) freight charges for cross-border transactions

For Vendors

  • Flexible shipping options: provide customers with a list of couriers or charge a flat shipping rate
  • World’s Biggest Courier Network
  • Compare shipping quotes in real-time
  • Generate labels
  • Schedule pickups
  • Monitor finances with notifications when your balance is low
  • Excellent Customer Experience
  • Keep your customers informed with shipment tracking pages and emails
  • Branded communications and customized packing slips for a personal touch

For Customer Front-End

  • Communication at all stages of the shipment process 
  • Quick delivery 
  • Order tracking and SMS notifications
  • Choose preferred carrier – if using Live Rates with full transparency on custom’s duty payment and cheapest to most expensive offerings

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