Request a Quote – Professional


Request a Quote

The Request a Quote – Professional, add-on module enables customers to request a quote for a product or service within your Omnymart marketplace.

Suitable for:

  • Products that require customisation to receive pricing
  • B2B or Service marketplaces where a quote request is required
  • Procurement marketplaces where a vendor does not want to disclose pricing upfront

Use Cases:

  • Create a B2B marketplace with the ability for customers to request quotations on products
  • Create a venue marketplace where customers can get quotes for bookings
  • Create a trade marketplace where customers can request quotes for tradespeople


This powerful add-on module allows buyers and sellers to interact on your marketplace when purchasing products in bulk or when vendors require additional information from a buyer before being able to provide a price for the product.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Drive actionable leads for your vendors with the ability to source requests for quote through your marketplace
  • Enable your vendors to convert their quotes to orders and accept payment on your marketplace without leaving
  • Monitor, manage and assist with communications between vendors and customers with comments history and tracking
  • Request for quote works for Products, Services and Appointment booking marketplaces
  • Ability to set default questions that all customers need to answer
  • Customise all email communications to meet your marketplace branding, content and styles
  • Manage configurations for Quote Expiry and Quote reminder
  • Available as an add-on module with Omnymart Products or Services Marketplaces
  • NEW – Allow Vendors to set fixed price shipping for their quotes including selection of Incoterms for global shipping

For Vendors

  • Track and manage all quote requests with the ability to filter by status, dates and more
  • Communicate with customers directly via Omnymart’s powerful admin back-end with full conversation history for customer and vendor
  • Manage configurations for default quote expiry timeframes and auto-notify timeframes
  • Manage quote status and create custom status
  • Manage quote status and create custom status
  • Add multiple documents with proposals, estimates and more when submitting quotes
  • Change product pricing in-line as part of the quote
  • Convert a quote to order and set a payment notification to the customer directly on the platform
  • NEW – Vendors can set fixed price shipping for their quotes and also select the Incoterm of their shipping price

For Customer Front-End

  • Request a quote for a product or service
  • Negotiate with vendors directly on the platform and track all communications and quote changes
  • Access proposals, estimates, catalogues and more directly on the platform as part of the quote request
  • Stay notified at all times, with changes and updates to the quote request
  • Accept or Decline quotes
  • Once a quote is accepted, pay for the order directly on the marketplace platform

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