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How Omnyfy can be used to create a

Health and Fitness Marketplace

The Health and Fitness industry offers significant opportunities for the implementation of a marketplace to combine service search and booking with the ability to facilitate product sales from the fitness providers, thus providing additional revenue streams to the fitness providers.

Omnyfy’s unique capabilities to combine product and service marketplace capabilities in a single solution make it perfectly suited to the health and fitness sector.

  1. Create appointment search and booking with geo-location filters
  2. Allow customers to pay and book appointments with fitness and healthcare practitioners
  3. Allow customers to change and cancel bookings online
  4. Support cancellation fees
  5. Support free or low-cost cancellation periods
  6. Ability to tag specialists by specialization area, expertise, experience etc.

Services Marketplace capabilities

Features that enable the creation of booking and appointment marketplaces

Service booking and appointments

Vendors can create Service Providers, Calendars and manage appointments received through the marketplace

Services booking

Customers can search for and book services on the marketplace

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews for products and vendors


An in-depth product search helps users find what they want

Product catalogue

Add, remove and edit products and information

Marketing and promotions

Send marketing emails, timed from purchases, or display popup windowsn

Marketing and Communications

Email marketing and social tools to get the word out about your marketplace

Vendor Management

Add, remove and edit Vendors and their information

Marketplace administration

Everything you need to administer and keep your marketplace running smoothly

Design and themes

A variety of themes that can be customised to match your brand identity

Vendor On-boarding and Subscriptions

Create subscriptions for vendors to access the marketplace, manage entitlements and onboard with full KYC and integrated payouts.

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Marketplaces built on Omnyfy

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