Key features required for B2B marketplaces – Webinar with RetailX [Part 4]

B2B Marketplaces - Growth and Opportunities RetailX and Omnyfy

In this multi-part series, we will be discussing B2B Marketplaces, the opportunities they provide, the rapid growth, customer drivers and the features that are required to power them.

With over $1.2Tn worth of B2B business moving online, and a growing proportion of this trade being done on marketplaces, B2B marketplaces offer a significant growth opportunity for organisations looking to shift from traditional supplier or distributor models to a multi-vendor direct to customer business model.

Omnyfy CEO, Fabian Rebeiro, sits down with Paul Skeldon from RetailX to discuss B2B marketplace in this webinar, which has been broken down into 4 easy to view parts, each discussing a specific topic.

Part 4 – Key features required for B2B marketplaces

In this section of the webinar Paul and Fabian discuss the key features required by operators of B2B marketplaces.

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