About Omnyfy

The Heart of Your Marketplace

Founded in 2015, Omnyfy began life by implementing Marketplace solutions for the events and exhibitions industry. Since then we have focused on developing a world-class, enterprise marketplace platform that has been adopted by some of Australia’s largest enterprises to run multi-million dollar marketplaces.

  • Based in Melbourne, Australia with core development team located at our HQ in South Melbourne.
  • We have established partners in 6 countries to support implementations of the Omnyfy Marketplace technology

Native Magento 2 Marketplace

Omnyfy is a Native Magento 2 Marketplace – It’s been our ethos from day one that in building out the capabilities of Omnyfy that we wouldn’t restrict, but expand access to Magento’s powerful eCommerce capabilities and amplify it across multiple vendors on the marketplace.

This means that in effect, your Vendors get access to all of Magento’s features including full catalogue access, shopping cart rules, customer account views with restricted edit access, RMA capabilities, order management capabilities and much more.

More than technology, experience and thought leadership ensure you succeed.

We’re more than just about technology, with Omnyfy you have a partner that has extensive knowledge of implementing and operationalising complex marketplaces in almost every sector from Retail to B2B Marketplaces, Cross-Border Marketplaces, Airport Marketplaces, Shopping Centre Marketplaces and Startup Marketplaces. We’ve experienced technology complexity and delivered solutions that solve highly complex marketplace transaction ideas.

Everything you need to create a marketplace exactly the way you want, in a fully managed service

Omnyfy is a multi-vendor Marketplace Platform delivered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. Using Omnyfy, instead of building your marketplace from scratch, could save your business tens of thousands of dollars and reduce go-to market timeframes by over 70%.

Omnyfy delivers a feature rich marketplace solution that enables you to create almost any kind of marketplace – from product or service marketplace to B2B, procurement or booking marketplaces.

Packed with hundreds of features designed in collaboration with our clients, Omnyfy gives you everything you need out of the box, with the ability to extend, customise and integrate the platform with existing enterprise applications or cloud services like CRM’s, ERP’s, shipping solutions, accounting software and more.

Compared to a custom build, Omnyfy can reduce go-to-market timeframes by over 70%. and your business could save tens of thousands of dollars

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