Products Q&A Module


Products Q&A Module

A great add-on that enables customers to post questions and receive answers directly from Vendors regarding their products. All questions and answers can be either set to private, for responses only to the customer that asked the question, or public – visible to all users of the site.

Suitable for:

  • All marketplaces where customers have questions about products
  • Crowdsourced questions – displaying FAQ’s about products using a collection of questions from multiple customers


Ensuring that your customers get the right answers at the right time in order to help them make a decision about a product purchase is a vitally important aspect of marketplace commerce.

With Omnyfy Marketplace’s Product Q&A Module, you can offer your customers a beautifully simple way to ask questions and receive answers about products.

Questions asked by customers can automatically be added to your marketplace FAQ as well to provide a permanent, searchable answer for future customers.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Create questions and answers and an FAQ for the entire website
  • Add customer asked questions to the FAQ
  • Provide short and detailed answers. The Short answer is displayed on the product page with a “Read More” link that will take the user to the full answer in the FAQ section
  • SEO friendly URLs help increase visibility of questions and drives traffic to the page as customers tend to search by questions
  • Full Meta Data support on each FAQ item
  • Ability to enable / disable guest questions
  • Ability to create and send Auto-Reply answers

For Vendors

  • Allows better engagement with customers as they can ask specific questions and receive personalised responses
  • Ability to respond to questions about their products

For Customer Front-End

  • Customers can ask questions on a product page and flag it as Private or Public
  • Marketplace Owner or Vendors can respond to customer questions
  • Customers can rank the response (“X number of people found this helpful”)
  • Ability to sort questions by date
  • Email notifications to customers when they receive an answer to their question

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