Marketplaces that grow with you

We offer several tiers depending on your marketplace size, traffic and interaction to ensure there is no limit to your

Startup Essentials

Startup Essentials



Who’s it for

A perfect entry marketplace solution with the core foundation to build and test your vision

Growth Startups and Small / Mid Organisations looking to create a marketplace platform to enhance their business offering

Large organisations and enterprises who are looking to scale their business distribution through multi-vendor marketplace commerce

Marketplace Size

Up to 30 Vendors and $600,000 in Annual Sales

Best suited for marketplaces that are in growth phase with over 30 vendors and several thousand products or services

Suited to large scale marketplaces with hundreds to thousands of sellers with large product or service catalogues and multiple global marketplaces

PaaS Infrastructure

High-performance shared infrastructure. You still get the benefits of our global PaaS infrastructure at a much lower price point.

Dedicated Multi-server configuration with multiple front-end servers across two availability zones. CDN for lightening fast content delivery. 30 days backup.

Dedicated Multi-server configuration with live DR, multiple front-end servers across two availability zones with 12 hours premium support per month. CDN for lightening fast content delivery. 30 days backup.

Guaranteed Availability / Month

Min 98%

Min 99.90%

Min 99.99%


Number of Vendors / Sellers

Max 30



Marketplace annual Gross Sales Cap

$600,000 over the past 12 months



Product Limits




24/7 Email Support

Business Hours Phone Support

Not included

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager to address any questions you may have and assist you with getting the most out of your marketplace investment.

Support Plan Required

Dedicated Application Support Retainer

Get access to your own dedicated development team to continue to enhance your marketplace after launch.

Support Plan Required

Support Plan Required

10 hours per month included


Core Marketplace Platform

Vendor on-boarding, subscriptions and attribute management

Vendor Storefronts

Marketplace charges, commercials and payout management

Fully customisable marketplace themes

Payments integration with Stripe

Vendor managed distance and weight based shipping

Shipping & Returns

Marketing and Communications

Enquiries Module

Vendor Reviews

Vendor Galleries

GDPR Compliant

Module Support – Indicates support for module at specific tier. All modules are add-ons and priced separately

Integrated blog with related vendors and related vendor categories

Products Q&A

Services and Booking Marketplace Module Support

Request for Quote With Shipping & Incoterms Module

Not supported

Marketplace Rewards & Loyalty

Not supported

Project Bidding & Milestone Payments (Coming Soon)

Not supported

Not supported

Customer Segmentation Module Support

Not supported

Not supported

Omnyfy Closer – Mobile Apps Support

Not supported

Not supported

Omnyfy Closer – Seller Apps Support

Not supported

Not supported


Core Platform Support by Omnyfy

Fully managed PaaS marketplace platform means we take care of the nuts and bolts of the technology while you focus on growing your marketplace.

Premium SLA

Optional Premium Paid SLA

Optional Premium Paid SLA


Monthly Price $USD

(on a 12 month contract)


License Free Implementation Period

30 Days from Provisioning

30 Days from Provisioning

30 Days from Provisioning

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