B2B Wholesale

How Omnyfy can be used to build a

B2B Wholesale or Retail

Wholesale marketplaces are B2B marketplaces where business purchase products in bulk from distributors or manufacturers.

Key capabilities of a wholesale marketplace include:

  • Ability to set Minimum Order Quantities
  • Ability to set tier prices or bulk buy pricing
  • Ability to set bulk discounting and create coupon codes easily to facilitate further discounting
  • Ability to provide a quote online
  • Ability for customers to request bulk quotes online
  • Ability to provide a shipping price for a bulk order
  • Ability to set Incoterms in shipment
  • Ability to make enquiries online
  • Ability to pay using Bank Transfer or Purchase Order on account
  • Ability to receive specific pricing based on the company account

Wholesale marketplace such as Alibaba enable business to business sales of products. Omnyfy has designed a series of features that enable wholesale marketplaces out-of-the-box. Check out our powerful feature list below.

Request for Quote Module

Enable customers to request quotes for products directly from Vendors

Enquiries Management

Enables Marketplace Owners to facilitate lead generation enquiries for Vendors

Product catalogue

Add, remove and edit products and information

Marketing and Communications

Email marketing and social tools to get the word out about your marketplace

Marketing and promotions

Send marketing emails, timed from purchases, or display popup windowsn

Marketplace administration

Everything you need to administer and keep your marketplace running smoothly

PIN based checkout

Secure PIN based checkout to enable customers to place orders on account – ideal for B2B marketplaces

Vendor stores

Vendors have their own storefront that can be personalised and display their products

Order fulfillment

Vendors can manage and ship their orders through the marketplace

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B2B Wholesale and Retail Marketplace Implementations

B2B Wholesale and Retail Marketplaces built using Omnyfy