Offline 2 Online (O2O)

How Omnyfy can be used to build an O2O Marketplace

Offline 2 Online (O2O)

Omnyfy can be used to power Offline 2 Online marketplaces where there is a need to either add or to move a physical marketplace to an online presence.  

xamples of Offline 2 Online include marketplaces for malls and supermarkets, retail stores and precincts, airports and more. 

The key tenets of an O2O marketplace is to allow a customer to be able to seamlessly transfer between an Offline or Physical buying experience, to an online buying experience. Customers can also purchase online for collection or pick-up offline.  

O2O marketplace also give the marketplace owner and vendors the ability to offer “Infinite Aisle or Endless Aisle” capabilities, ensuring that they’re never out of stock of a product that would impact a sale. If the product isn’t available in store or physically, the sale can be transferred online and fulfilled directly from a warehouse.

When considering the implementation of an Offline 2 Online marketplace, ensure your technology solution supports the following capabilities: 

  1. Integrated mobile POS apps 
  2. Multi-warehouse support 
  3. Order orchestration and routing management 
  4. Click and Collect capability 
  5. Ability to request returns both offline and online 
  6. Rewards and Loyalty 

Omnyfy has delivered multiple Offline 2 Online marketplace with feature sets that can be customized to create multiple order routing scenarios. Check out our feature set and case studies below.  

Omnyfy Closer Vendor App

IOS App for Vendors to manage their store, orders and customers on your marketplace

Returns management (RMA)

Comprehensive returns management and authorisation solution for marketplaces

Product catalogue

Add, remove and edit products and information

Marketing and Communications

Email marketing and social tools to get the word out about your marketplace

Marketing and promotions

Send marketing emails, timed from purchases, or display popup windowsn

Vendor Management

Add, remove and edit Vendors and their information

Marketplace administration

Everything you need to administer and keep your marketplace running smoothly

Order fulfillment

Vendors can manage and ship their orders through the marketplace

Vendor dashboard and reports

Add, remove and edit Vendors and their information

Design and themes

A variety of themes that can be customised to match your brand identity

Designed for conversion

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Store management

Vendors can manage their stores, logo, banners, policies and more

Split Cart by Vendor

Customers can order from multiple orders in a single transaction

Offline 2 Online Marketplace Implementations

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