Omnyfy Closer Vendor App

Tablet App Add-On

Omnyfy Closer Vendor App

Omnyfy Closer is a fully integrated Vendor (Seller) app built for iOS, that puts Vendors in control of their sales from the marketplace, enabling them to view and fulfil orders directly from the app.

Suitable for:

  • Vendors and marketplaces where sellers need to take orders on a sales app
  • For Offline 2 Online and Physical Marketplaces with click-and-collect capability
  • Sellers who want to be in constant control of their marketplace sales and customers
  • Place orders on behalf of their customers, including for field sales force

Suitable for:

  • Offline 2 Online Marketplaces (O2O)
  • Airport Marketplaces
  • Shopping Centre Marketplaces
  • Retail Marketplaces
  • Event Marketplaces


The Omnyfy Closer Vendor App helps Vendors sell better on their marketplace. Vendors get a clear view of their sales performance each day and can place orders, view customer information and past order history, check product presentation, information and pricing and filter orders for quick view.

For Marketplace Owners

Provide additional channels for their vendors to access the marketplace. For marketplaces that include a physical component such as for Airports, Shopping Centres and other retail markets requiring a POS or Click and Collect solution, Omnyfy is perfectly suited to enable Vendors to print out orders, set orders as ready for pick-up and more.

For Vendors

Vendors can essentially manage all of their marketplace orders on the Vendor app including receiving order notifications, placing orders for customers, requesting and approving refunds and viewing customer order history.

  • View Orders
  • View Customers
  • Set Order statuses
  • Set Orders as ready for pick up (ideal for click and collect or food-delivery marketplaces)
  • Start new orders for customers
  • Create and register new customers to the marketplace
  • View sales order history
  • Instant access to Vendor product catalogue

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