A marketplace that helps people find their perfect Personal Trainer

PTMe Overview

PTme is the brainchild of ex Australian Special Forces and Personal Trainer, Damien McGee. As a PT, Damien recognised that Personal Trainers were able to only access customers who worked out at the gym to which they were affiliated. For PT’s, securing and retaining new clients was essential both from the perspective of continued revenue as well as to ensure customers took a long-term view on their health and fitness. Finding PT’s is challenging – and most customers rely on word of mouth or experience with the PT at a specific gym.

PTme was launched with a simple vision – to make it easy for people to find and engage with PT’s based on their specific needs, availability and location.

Marketplace Type

Key Features

  • Service search
  • Featured Vendors
  • Vendor Locations
  • Vendor Subscriptions

Implemented By

  • Omnyfy


  • Custom vendor search

What We Did

Omnyfy implemented a service marketplace that enabled PTme to deliver a simple yet effective marketplace for Personal Trainers to list themselves and secure enquiries from customers.

Combined with lead generation, PTme also gives PT’s the ability to sell training programs and personal training services virtually.


PTme is in its early stages of launch. The long term goals is to offer PT’s a suite of tools, marketing services, class booking capabilities and appointment booking and to expand the marketplace to include other healthcare services as well.