Create your multi-vendor marketplace with Omnyfy and save!

Omnyfy enables businesses like yours to rapidly launch a marketplace in under 6 weeks, saving over 70% compared to a custom marketplace build. Talk to us today and find out how.

Looking to launch a multi-vendor marketplace? well you’ve come to the right place. Omnyfy’s PaaS marketplace platform can help you launch your marketplace with pre-built features that you can configure and customise to meet your specific marketplace needs.

  • Over 200+ features enabling you to launch product, service booking, B2B, retail or enterprise marketplaces.
  • Native marketplace solution for Magento 2 builds on the power of Magento to deliver a superb multi-vendor marketplace solution for any size business
  • Support for over 135+ currencies, multiple languages and tax rate calculation using Tax Jar, Omnyfy is global ready
  • With a client portfolio that includes major Australian business, you’re in good company.
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Why Omnyfy

Proven Capability

Our marketplace know-how helps power B2B and B2C product and services marketplaces for some of Australia’s largest enterprises.

Performance Without the Hassle

We take care of the platform and infrastructure so you can focus on creating the best marketplace there is.

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Change Anything

Unprecedented flexibility and customisation to create your marketplace the way you want it.

Ready In 6 Weeks

Using our rapid deployment methodology and our out-of-the-box themes, we can get your product or service marketplace up and running within 6 weeks*.

Guaranteed Availability

Powerful infrastructure, lightning fast processors, Content Delivery Networks and Caches across multiple servers gives you 99% guaranteed up-time for your marketplace.

Suits Every Budget

Omnyfy’s marketplace can scale with you, whether you’re starting out or running a large scale marketplace. Choose modules, functionality and infrastructure to suit your needs and budget.

Omnyfy as an agile company with a clear customer focus and attitude of ‘let’s find a solution’ will assist Australia Post deliver its single biggest event marketplace of the year, digitally to over 1000 small businesses across five states. I would have no hesitation in recommending Omnyfy as they are delivering a solution that has exceeded expectations and have always adapted quickly to the moving goals and requirements of the business.
Richard Stock

Streamlined delivery process from discovery to launch

Our experienced marketplace team will guide you through the design, configuration and launch of your marketplace.


Streamlined implementation delivered through a global network of certified partners.

Discovery enables Omnyfy and our partners to understand your needs, goals, business requirements, constraints, industry nuances and the transactions between buyers and sellers on your marketplace. Discovery can take from a single day through to several days and will dive into the detail of your marketplace.

Once we know what you want, Omnyfy or our partners will then begin the design and theming of your marketplace. What makes Omnyfy unique is our ability to customise and create completely bespoke marketplaces. We are not hindered by one or two themes – make your marketplace look and work the way you want.

Marketplaces work only when they are finely tuned to the specific industry niche or customer sector requirements.

Omnyfy, built on the powerful Magento 2 eCommerce platform, offers near limitless customisation potential. Omnyfy or our implementation partners will work with you to develop specifications and identify areas of customisation and then implement these for you.

Once your marketplace has been themed, customized and its functionality verified, you’re ready for launch. Omnyfy’s PaaS Infrastructure will be provisioned based on your selected deployment Tier (Essentials, Performance or Ultimate).

Your marketplace will be fully configured and integrated ready for vendor onboarding. This includes configuration for your payment gateway, verification of the vendor onboarding processes, verification of vendor subscriptions, end-to-end purchase or booking verification including refunds and returns checks.

After your marketplace has been deployed to the production PaaS environment, you are ready to on-board your vendors and begin selling live. We’re constantly updating our blog section with great tips and tricks on how to how to onboard vendors and ensure your marketplace is perfectly set for success regardless of the industry that you’re in.

Features designed to power almost every type of marketplace

For Marketplace Owners

Vendor onboarding
Vendor management
Fees and Charges management
Service booking
Reporting & Analytics

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For Vendors

Vendor stores
Customer engagement
Order fulfillment
Booking management
Receving payments

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Front-End Features

Responsive, front-end
Designed for conversion
Multiple search methods
Customer dashboard
Mobile & Table Apps

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