Multi-vendor marketplace for Shopping Centres

For decades now physical retail have been losing revenue to online commerce. Omnyfy allows traditional shopping centres and retailers to recapture those lost customers by bringing multi-vendor shopping experience online. Now customers are able to shop from different sellers online, all within a single transaction, and get the orders delivered to their home or collect them at the designated place.

One of the instant benefits for the consumers is that Online Shopping Centre Marketplace provides an opportunity to get their usual shopping done online, under one umbrella bringing more convenience and optimising delivery time and costs.

The success of a marketplace comes from the ability of the marketplace to offer buyers and sellers something unique, a new way of exploring, engaging and transacting, that improves the experience for everyone. Omnyfy offers a turn-key marketplace platform with extensive customisation capability and flexibility to create any marketplace you want “, said Alexis Susser, GM Sales and Marketing at Omnyfy.

Learn how Omnyfy helps retailers, shopping centres, airports to build an online distribution channel by creating a multi-vendor digital marketplace.