Enabling temperature-controlled deliveries with HDS integration

module home delivery service

COVID-19 outbreak brought a lot of challenges to the retail industry forcing thousands of companies to adjust, transform and evolve. On the bright side of things, coronavirus helped to identify hidden weak spots and pitfalls that otherwise might be ignored for another decade. This created a nurturing environment for new solutions that help improve e-commerce journey and accelerate retail digital transformation.

Home Delivery Services is one of such solutions. Ensuring high food-safety standards and providing a temperature-controlled, 100% non-contact last-mile delivery service across Australia, HDS offers one of the safes ways to deliver food.

HDS is a perfect delivery partner for marketplaces that sell food products (e.g. South Melbourne Market Direct) that need temperature control and home food delivery marketplaces. Omnyfy has developed a module that enables the marketplace owners with a fully integrated HDS solution. This enables customers to purchase perishable or pre-packaged meals for delivery on specified dates and times and offers Vendors the ability to easily pick-pack and consign their deliveries without leaving the marketplace platform.

Marketplace Owners can also view and manage bookings, Cancel bookings and re-book existing deliveries if the customer requests a new time.

Benefits of the Module

  • Refrigerated delivery solution for Australian vendors
  • Cost-effective and timely deliveries direct to the customer’s doorstep
  • 2 point scanning – full package traceability on HC In/Out
  • HDS live tracking
  • Additional delivery window options
  • Temperature tracking
  • Branded tracking and notifications