The Project Bidding Module is launched

Project Bidding Module

Omnyfy extends its services marketplace functionality with the new module for project bidding and milestones payments.

The Project Bidding Module with milestones payments functionality is a vital addition to any professional services or procurement marketplace. This powerful add-on module allows marketplace customers to post a project and connect with multiple vendors and specialty contractors that meet their requirements.

The Project Bidding Module is perfect to accommodate any tender process. The module allows customers to post a detailed project brief, find and invite suitable vendors to participate in the bidding. Vendors, on the other side, are able to accept the project and send their proposal, with the scope divided into milestones if necessary. Once both sides get involved in the negotiation process, the module is able to maintain the communication and support all future transactions between the parties.

Such functionality is a must-have module for almost any professional services marketplace. It ensures a great customer experience and enhances the transparency of all communications and transactions. This helps marketplace owner to establish their reputation and build trust within their industry.

The module was first launched with Poligage – a professional services marketplace that helps businesses find and engage with government and commercial policy advisors.

Project Bidding Module Benefits

  • Connects project owners with vendors and service providers in the clear and transparent manner
  • Allows to manage different parts of the project, involving multiple vendors
  • Allows project owner to choose, compare and negotiate with multiple providers at the same time
  • Enables millstone-based scope management and payments