Gartner 2019: Omnyfy mentioned as a Technology Vendor for turnkey Enterprise Marketplaces

In Gartner’s 2019 article, Create Enterprise Marketplaces to Accelerate Digital Business Omnyfy has been identified as Technology Vendor that can enable organisations who are starting from scratch and looking to deploy turnkey, native marketplaces.

The article also outlines the Online Marketplace Segments, Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketplace Operator and Seller, while underscoring the advantages that marketplaces offer high GMV enterprises and distribution businesses.

According to Gartner, The enterprise marketplace is a new business model in which organisations create wider ecosystems, develop new capabilities and generate new sources of revenue.

Enabling marketplace driven benefits for enterprise customers

Omnyfy has an established track record in helping enterprises to use Marketplaces, delivering almost every one of the above marketplace benefits.

Streamline Buying Processes

Since 2014, Omnyfy has worked with Australia Post’s Retail Network Partnerships team to deliver the LEEP and LPO marketplaces enabling thousands of Post-Offices in Australia to procure their stock-in-trade through Omnyfy, from Australia Post and its Vendors.

The model was so successful that it established a completely new way of transacting between LPO’s and Australia Post.

View our case study of how Omnyfy helped transform Australia Post’s B2B Buying Processes.

Enhance Partner / Customer Engagement and Develop New Offerings and Capabilities

Since 2018, Omnyfy has collaborated with Australia Post to bring a brand new marketplace offering – China Direct, to market, enabling local Daiguo customers to purchase products from multiple Australia Post stores, including an online marketplace, and have their purchased products shipped directly to China through Australia Post’s integrated shipping solutions.

The China Direct solution offered Australia Post a brand new offering , while enabling it to target a completely new customer segment that was not previously leveraging its parcel services.

Omnyfy’s PaaS Multi-Vendor Marketplace solution drives the solution offering integrated PoS, Omni-channel purchasing, Infinite Aisle and Centralised 3PL pick and pack capabilities.

New features and capabilities that will further enhance our enterprise marketplace offering

Over the past six months, Omnyfy has seen rapid growth with new marketplace opportunities, which extend our client base from Australia through to The Netherlands and The U.S.

We’re lining up a raft of new features and capabilities that will be launching from August including the ability to easily create complex marketplace with multiple vendor / seller types – each with its own features, subscriptions and functionality access, a new and improved Quote management system – complete with Project Bidding, Milestone Payments and more!