Helping retailers band-together to create a digital shopping centre marketplace for Orion Springfield

Orion Spring Field Mobile

This one’s great – we love it when our technology genuinely helps people and transforms their businesses. After having successfully launched three shopping centre marketplaces for Mirvac Group, we worked to create a mother’s day campaign with the centre marketing team at Orion Springfield – a suburban shopping centre in Brisbane, QLD.

Launched in just under 4 days, the marketplace enabled kids to buy gifts from retailers at the centre through our click-and-collect platform. The campaign would run up to Mother’s day on the 10th of May 2020, but the transformation it brings to retailers in shopping centres is significant, opening up a digital channel to what was only a bricks and mortar store.

With Omnyfy, shopping centres are able to bring technology that is usually the remit of large scale anchor clients such as Woolworths and Coles, to every single retailer in the centre. A complete, click and collect and delivery solution that can be launched in a couple of weeks, bringing real value to its retailers and offering customers more channels through which to shop, aligning with their changing behaviour and ensuring they can shop when they want and have the product brought to them.

To learn more about Omnyfy’s capabilities and to see how we can help bring marketplace capabilities to your Shopping Centre or Retail business, simply contact us – we’ll be glad to have a conversation about your marketplace vision.