B2B Buyer Organisations

In B2B marketplaces, the customer may, in many cases, be an organisation that has multiple buyers that are purchasing on behalf of that customer organisation or business. Omnyfy’s B2B Buyer Organisations module allows marketplaces to simply Organisation or Company level purchasing by creating an Organisation Customer with multiple associated buyers, purchasing from the marketplace.

The B2B Buyer Organisation module is a core module in Omnyfy’s B2B Marketplace Suite and is the basis of powerful procurement and B2B marketplace commerce capabilities including:

  • Buyer Terms and Credit Limits
  • Customer Price Books
  • Order Approvals and Workflow Management [Coming Soon]
  • Geographic based purchase restrictions [Coming Soon]
  • Procure2Pay [Coming Soon]

Suitable for:

  • B2B marketplaces that require the ability for customers to purchase under an organisation buyer
  • Marketplaces that require functionality including Credit Terms from Vendors to Buyers, delayed payments and order approval management
  • Procurement marketplaces with multiple levels of approval requests

Suitable for:

  • B2B marketplaces (Wholesale, Commercial Buying)
  • Procurement marketplaces
  • Sourcing marketplaces


The Omnyfy B2B Buyer Organisations Module is a core module in Omnyfy’s B2B Marketplace Suite and provides the foundations on which to offer complex buying capabilities to customers on your marketplace.

The foundation allows customers to create a Buyer Organisation on the marketplace under a Buyer Administrator, and then enables this administrator user to add additional buyers within their group. Each buyer in the organisation inherits the rules, prices and any other restrictions applied to the primary buying organisation.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Enable Buyer Organisations with multiple buyers and levels
  • Create multiple organisation accounts as a Marketplace Owner
  • Manage Buyer Organisations, change administrators, add/remove Customers from Organisations
  • Fully managed workflow for Organisation Approval prior to gaining access to the marketplace
  • Create powerful B2B marketplaces that align with real-world buying processes
  • Offer Vendors and Buyers the ability to negotiate Customer Price Books where a Vendor can offer customers bespoke pricing for their product range
  • Offer Vendors the ability to negotiate buying terms (Credit Terms) with buyer organisations and take delayed payments (Currently only available in the U.K. region for BACS Direct Debit. Will be available in Australia for BECS, Europe using SEPA and for the United States using ACH in early 2022)
  • View Organisation credit limits
  • Can be combined with Omnyfy’s Project Bidding and Milestone Payments module to create feature rich procurement marketplaces – learn more about Omnyfy’s Procurement Marketplace Suite.

For Vendors

  • Create custom Price Books for Buyer Organisations
  • Maximise sales potential by negotiating terms and offering special prices for products that carry high-volumes
  • Offer credit terms and purchase limits for Buyer Organisations
  • Monitor the Credit Status of Buyer Organisations
  • Manage and change terms and limits and negotiate terms for customers

For Customers

  • Create Buyer Organisations
  • Organisation Administrators can add new buyers to the organisation
  • Organisation Administrators can manage new buyers including removing them from the organisation
  • New organisation customers can search and request to be added to existing organisations using an integrated lookup
  • Request Credit Terms from Vendors
  • Gain access to preferential pricing from Vendors for an entire catalog or specific products
  • Have clear and transparent view of the Credit Status with Vendors via a Credit Terms dashboard

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