Customer Price Books

Customer Price Books

B2B and Procurement marketplaces require the ability for Vendors to be able to offer customers a fully customised price offering. Use Omnyfy’s Customer Price Book functionality to deliver the ultimate in pricing customisation with high volume, high-speed custom pricing right down to a specific Buyer Organisation level.

Omnyfy Customer Price Books is part of Omnyty’s B2B Marketplace Suite.

Suitable for:

  • Marketplaces where Vendors need the ability to offer customers custom pricing on specific products within their Catalog
  • Marketplaces for procurement of products or services where customers and vendors can negotiate prices for a Vendor Catalog
  • Marketplaces where customers need the ability to create Preferred Suppliers

Suitable for:

  • B2B Marketplaces
  • Procurement Marketplaces
  • Marketplaces offering Bill-Of-Materials sales
  • Channel Marketplaces
  • Direct Sales Marketplaces


Omnyfy Customer Price Books offers marketplaces the ability to create custom price books between Vendors and Buyers.

Vendors can create custom price books for specific Buyer Organisations. This offers even more powerful pricing capabilities that Customer Group Pricing as the prices can be set at a specific buyer levell.

Vendors can create Customer Price Books using our simple Import Tool, which also support Tier Pricing. Customer Price Books can be created for specific products or an entire Catalog. Omnyfy will also maintain a full history of all prices applied for the Buyer Organisation providing detailed audit capabilities.

For Marketplace Owners

  • Create Marketplaces that allow Vendors to offer customer custom price books

For Vendors

  • Create Customer Price Books per Buyer Organisation
  • Use simple import tool to add prices for an entire catalog or specific products
  • Customer Price book pricing overrides all other prices on the marketplace giving vendors the ability to provide targeting pricing for a specific Organisation
  • Supports Tier Pricing allowing vendors to offer volume pricing discounts
  • View history of all price books assigned to specific Buyer Organisations

For Customers

  • Get preferential pricing for products on the marketplace
  • Negotiate volume pricing or pricing for specific products from Preferred Vendors
  • Works together with Credit Terms and Limits to provide comprehensive B2B marketplace commerce capabilities

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