Transforming Online Retail: single-vendor to multi-vendor

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Omnyfy hosted a Webinar alongside payments partner Stripe with a special guest, Lee Blackmore – Digital General Manager at, on March 17th 2021 to talk about how retailers can leverage the marketplace business model to improve profitability and scale.

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Here’s an overview of the Webinar.

Online retailers today are seeing record growth in online sales driven by Covid-19. There is an increasing appetite for online ordering from customers who are under lockdowns, working from home or who simply enjoy the convenience of buying online. However, for an online retailer, the sales growth leads to increasing costs being incurred in inventory holding costs, sourcing increased inventory, stock delivery and fulfilment.

The multi-vendor model enables online retailers to extensively expand their product offering and range by allowing third-party sellers to sell alongside them on a multi-vendor marketplace.

In this webinar, we looked at how online retailers can transform an existing single-vendor online store into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace. Hear from customers’ case studies and learn from marketplace experts as we provide you with a playbook to build and scale your own online marketplace.

Fabian Rebeiro

Fabian Rebeiro

Founder & CEO


Stephanie Tran

Stephanie Tran

ANZ Partnerships


Lee Blackmore

Lee Blackmore

Digital General Manager

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to expand the product range without the related costs of stock ownership.
  • Explore the variety of shipping models and payment options to enable global fulfilment.
  • Hear from customer case studies and marketplace specialists as we provide you with a playbook to transform your retail business from a single vendor to a multi-vendor marketplace.

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