Boom! – Omnyfy V4 has launched

After over 8 months of development, during which we launched several marketplaces with the version, the newest, more service, powerful and feature rich version of Omnyfy has officially launched.

Built with support for Adobe Commerce V2.4.3 and above and also providing support for Adobe Commerce Enterprise version, Omnyfy V4 is the new foundation from which we will continue to build and extend, with capabilities unique to V4 only.

Omnyfy will continue to support clients on V2 and will begin our migration of all V2 marketplaces to V4 in early 2022, we will be communicating with each of our existing marketplace clients about the migration schedule in early 2022.

What’s new in Omnyfy V4

  • Support for Adobe Commerce 2.4.3 and Adobe Commerce Enterprise on Prem.
  • Completely revised inventory and warehouse managing using Adobe Commerce Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) – enables Vendors to manage their inventory in multiple locations with integration into Product Catalogue and Orders
  • Ability for Vendors to create and assign Sub-Vendor Roles to a Source, thus giving individual Vendor Users the ability to manage orders from their Warehouse
  • Updated Vendor Dashboards with Quick Link tiles, Content Tiles and Vendor Promotions
  • Support for Omnyfy Organisations – enabling B2B marketplaces and some B2C marketplaces to support Multi-Buyer Organisation Accounts
  • More powerful Project Bidding and Milestone payment modules with support for Open Projects and Bill-Of-Material Project types
  • Comprehensive connectivity with Vendor eCommerce stores using the newest version of Omnyfy Fuse. Omnyfy now supports up to 8 connected stores including Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), Big Commerce, Google Shopping Feeds and Cin7
  • Vendors can connect their eCommerce stores directly to your marketplace and sync products and orders directly
  • Better performance with a improved checkout workflows
  • Revised Vendor Storefront URL definition allowing display of Vendor Names in Storefront URL
  • Improved Vendor Catalog import support with the ability to assign products to vendors and set multi-source inventory in a single import
  • Full support for all Omnyfy Modules including Enquiries, RFQ, Vendor Reviews, Ratings, Project Bidding
  • Support for Wholesale Payouts in addition to Commissions
  • New Pick-List functionality allowing Vendors to print out simple Pick-Lists to pick and pack items
  • Support for Omnyfy’s latest Vendor Shipping offering allowing Vendors to create and manage unlimited shipping types including Click and Collect and Delivery
  • Support for Omnyfy’s latest B2B Suite – exclusively available on V4 and above including modules such as Buyer Terms and Credit Limits, Customer Price Books and soon Order Approval Management and Geographic based catalogue access
  • Beautiful, revised invoice templates for Vendors and Vendor Payouts
  • Full support for all 3rd Party Modules from the Adobe Marketplace

These are just a small sample of the enhancements that we have delivered in V4. Omnyfy has also addressed a ton of minor bugs and issues that we felt were impeding the quality of our marketplace product to create the most stable version of Omnyfy ever.

Simpler deployment and management for partners

We listened to the requirements of our partners and have built a brand new fully automated deployment pipeline, putting our partners in total control of the marketplaces that they manage. Our new CI/CD deployment pipelines are available for both V2 and V4 marketplaces.

  • Partners can update production workflows via a simple API to orchestrate deployments and code updates
  • Deploy whenever, without the need to contact Omnyfy Support
  • Deployments include the ability to specify which version of Omnyfy Core or Modules are required, within the API itself
  • Secure access to Production Logs for debugging without the need to request log access from Omnyfy Support
  • Secure access control – Partners have no access to the product databases, providing highly secure data access levels controlled with IAM roles

New modules, exclusive to Omnyfy V4